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Didsbury Runners

We are a friendly and inclusive running group, that meet for regular runs in the South Manchester area. Didsbury Runners is managed by volunteers and is completely not-for-profit. Our motivation is to spread the fun of running and support the running community in South Manchester.


To run with us you must be a registered member. In order to ensure that we are able to provide safe and enjoyable runs for all of our members and due to a limited set of resources that is largely volunteer based, we run a membership system which involves a waiting list.

We will admit new members as soon as we feel we have sufficient capacity to do so. To express interest in becoming a Didsbury Runner you can join our waiting list by submitting an e-mail to with the subject title:

'Didsbury Runners Membership Request -' followed by your full name. 

Once we have capacity to admit new members, runners on the waiting list will be given first access to the new slots.

The waiting list typically lasts a maximum of 6 weeks. When able we will invite you to trial the club for free for one month during which you will only be able to attend our Monday night runs. Before the end of the trial (or at any point during) you will be given the chance to join as a full member at a one off cost of £10 for the year.  

If you have any general enquiries please also contact

Training Night

Currently we meet every Monday evening for our main run and meet every Wednesday for a training (hill reps/intervals) session. 

We aim to run whatever the weather, and would only cancel if there was risk to our runners.

NOTE: Our regular runs and events are for current members only. Please see the FAQs on how to become a member.



We have routes between 3-10k in length at a variety of paces ranging from beginner walk-jog to experienced runners at approximately 8min mile.

In the summer we stay off road as much as possible and run along the River Mersey, Fletcher Moss Park or Chorlton Water Park. In the winter we have a variety of road routes designed to try and minimise the number of road crossings.


If your question is not covered here, please do contact us at

How do I join the club?

To express interest in becoming a Didsbury Runner you can join our waiting list by submitting an e-mail to with the subject title:

'Didsbury Runners Membership Request -' followed by your full name. 


How long will I be on the waiting list?

We aim to keep the maximum waiting time to 6 weeks.


Where do you run from?

Our Monday evening runs start and end from Didsbury Sports Ground on Ford Lane, Didsbury. Our Wednesday Interval sessions are usually at Trafford Athletics Groun at Longford Park. Any amendments to this will be communicated to our members by email. Other runs may start and end at other locations.


What time do you run?

All sessions start at 6.45pm with a 6.35pm meet.


How much does it cost to join?

We ask you pay a £12.50 membership fee for the year.


How long does membership last for?

The membership year is April to March (e.g. 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020). During March we ask all members if they wish to renew their membership for the following year regardless of when they joined.


How fast do you run?

Our Monday night run aims to cater for all abilities with groups designed for beginners (walk/jog), improvers (i.e. continuous running at 11-12 min miles/7 min per km), all the way down 8 minute miles (5 min per km) runners. 


How far do you run?

On Mondays we have three distances; 3-4k for beginners/improvers, 5-6k medium length runs, and 10k long runs.


What if I cannot keep up?

Firstly, you can, secondly we aim to have a tail runner with each group so you will never be last, and many of our members a warm friendly and experienced runners who like a good chat and so will stay with you and keep you company.


I am a total beginner, where do I start?

Well firstly you have started just by asking, which is fantastic.

We suggest doing a couch to 5k course. Please consider our free 6 week couch to 5k course that occurs three/four times a year. Send an email to to request to be notified of our next course (note places go very quickly so keep an eye out).

If not convenient the NHS couch to 5k course is a wonderful resource and a great way to start. This can be found here ….

In the meantime put your name on our waiting list and we will get you into the club as soon as possible. The club has many friendly members who have started from no running experience and gone on to do great things so you will be in good company. 


Do you run on other evenings?

We provide a Wednesday evening run which is designed to help runners of all levels improve their performance. The Wednesday sessions include interval and hill training, and look at aspects such as running form and injury prevention. We have a monthly social run which is on a Tuesday or Thursday night and this is a 5k run that finishes at a cafe or restaurant. In the summer we lead trail runs in the peak district and Greater Manchester area.


Do you have sessions for non members?

We also offer events for the general public such as our couch-2-5k beginner sessions and #runandtalk events. All non-member running sessions are advertised on our Didsbury Runners Community Runtogether Page.


Do you run in events?

Members of our group join in races such as the Manchester 10k and half-marathon. We post all Didsbury Runners events and socials on our Didsbury Runners Facebook Group Page, as well as send out info via our monthly newsletter.

If you are a member, we reccommend you sign up to events on our Didsbury Runners Facebook Group Page, as this is where we discuss transport and other logistic Note all Didsbury Runners organised events are for members only unless stated otherwise.


Can I run if I am under 18?

Anyone aged 16-18 can join the Didsbury Runners provided that they are accompanied by a parent or a carer. Although some of our Run Leaders are LIRF qualified and DBS checked, we cannot currently accept minors on their own.


Are you an England Athletic Affiliated Club?

Yes, Didsbury Runners is and England Athletics affiliated club.


Why can't I wear headphones?

We ask that our runners do not wear headphones whilst on our runs. It is important that everyone can hear instructions given by our run leaders so that the groups are safe and do not obstruct other path users. Also, we are a social group, and part of the fun is to talk with your fellow runners!


Is it just running?

We have many social events both planned and adhoc organised through the group often with a common theme…cake! In fact the club is more about the cake!


How do I gain access to the facebook/strava group?

Only members have access, please see how to become a member or the Didsbury Runners Community facebook group as an alternative.


How do I get a Didsbury Runners T-Shirt?

We put in bulk orders sporadically and our members will be notified by Facebook and email of when they can place an order.

Didsbury Runners Active (previously known as DSActive – Down’s Syndrome Active)

We host Didsbury Runners Active (DRActive) Session specifically for people with learning disabilities on Wednesdays evening.

We meet at Didsbury Sport Ground on Ford Lane, Didsbury at 6.45pm for a 7pm start. The sessions last about 30-40 minutes and include a variety of running related activities and games. We cater for different abilities including those preferring to walk-jog or walk only.

These sessions are open to the public, you do not need to be a member of Didsbury Runners to join. You do need to be at least 16 to take part and 16-18 years old must be accompanied by a parent/carer.

At the end of the session we have a social drink.

To find out more information, just turn up on the night or contact us at